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Overlooked Yet Significant

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Andy Warhol

I firmly believe we all have beauty, meaning and purpose. I often use the illustration of a tiny high alpine flower in a remote area where no human foot will ever be set. Its beauty shines for God to see. Its purpose is not defined by human applause or approval. Its purpose is defined by its Creator. And that is how it is with all of us. Some will be known by the multitudes and some only by those in their tiny circle but all have beauty and meaning and purpose. Keep this in mind when you feel insignificant or overlooked. Our significance is found in the eyes of our Creator and that is all we need!

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Value and Worth for All

Sometimes we experience moments when we wonder if we matter. I was thinking about that as I gazed at a banana tree. I noticed freshly unfurled leaves, unscathed by the tropical rain and wind. As I looked closely I noticed a progression of sorts. Emerging leaves, full leaves, slightly frayed leaves and leaves that resemble palm tree fronds – tattered and torn giving in completely to the swaying breeze. Every leaf is important in the cycle of this tree. Then I thought about us. We are all valuable to humanity. It doesn’t matter if we are shiny and new or old and withered. Every single person has a purpose, value and worth!


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