Anna Got Her Transplant!

The wee hours of October 8 marked the beginning of Anna’s eight hour surgery to replace her first set of gently used lungs with the precious lungs of another family’s lost loved one. For Anna, it was exciting and terrifying all mixed together. She is still in the ICU healing and getting better in different ways every day. It’s a bit of a roller coaster trying to balance the medications they are giving her for pain, keeping fluid off the lungs while also keeping her blood pressure stable. The bottom line is, she’s doing well. Anna told me last night that this transplant is way better than the last one. 🙂

My mental health tidbit for this post is, it’s so important to let our feelings have a healthy outlet. This is an emotionally and physically exhausting adventure for all concerned. The most challenging job is Anna’s. While on the ventilator she had to calm herself down so she wouldn’t be constantly fighting the breathing tube. She has hallucinations. She knows it. So she talks herself down from whatever the hallucinations might be telling her or simply reminds herself, “Yeah, this isn’t real. Random people are not hanging out in the corner of my room singing to me.” 😊

A few nights ago I noticed myself getting really snippy with my husband and he totally did not deserve it! The next morning I took time for myself doing yoga, spending sweet time with God, and soaking in a bit of peace and sun outside. I felt the rise of tears but they disappeared. I started texting a friend and the tears started to roll down my cheeks. Yay! I needed this. I cried and cried. My friend called me and I cried with her for a bit. It felt so good just to let all the built up emotions out. I had spent the last six days being strong, holding it together, staying positive. That’s an important part of this process: the ability to contain when necessary but also the ability to let the emotions out in a safe space. I felt teary most of the morning. It was hard to shut down the faucet but eventually it ran dry. By the afternoon I was feeling grounded and clear again. I don’t feel so exhausted either. A good cry goes a long way!

Anna and me. I’m all gowned up to protect her.

On a walk the day after transplant! Her dad is the photo bomber in the background!


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4 thoughts on “Anna Got Her Transplant!

  1. Patty Tunnell


    What a great write up. It was so good to see you David and Anna a couple days ago. Thanks for letting us in to see y’all. I know when you’re in the hospital sometime we don’t want visitors.

    I know it’s a long journey to good health for Anna. I hope you can just hang in there and continue to be strong when you need to be and let it all out when you need to.

    Give our best to Anna and let her know that she has so many people that are thinking about her and praying for her.


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  2. Janeen Boutelle

    Oh Karen, God is so faithful!! Over and over, never ending. Healing is always a miracle!!! Praise of thanksgiving going up especially today for you and Anna. May He continue his miracle of healing moment by moment.

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