Tips From The Journey Forward Workbook: Community

cover againSome of us like to live in solitude. It’s easier. Unfortunately easier isn’t always best.  I know this all too well. I have a strong pull toward independence and isolation. I prefer to do things alone and keep to myself. Sadly, this is also a primary reason I got involved in an affair about nine years ago. There wasn’t just one reason for the choices I made, but isolation from true community was one of them. Ironically, I was around more people than I am now but they only knew the surface parts of me. The parts I was comfortable sharing. The parts that got involved in an affair were not being revealed to others…bad choices are conceived in darkness.

Today, I know it’s critical that I share the deepest darkest parts of me with people who are my cheerleaders and advisors. These are people in my Inner Circle. I know my Inner Circle people well and they know me. I can trust them with anything. Some people are in the Middle Zone. I am getting to know them and determining whether or not they are Inner Circle people. Some are in the Periphery. It’s the safest place for me to keep them because they are either too distant for me to deeply connect with or they have proven themselves untrustworthy.

How about you? Who are the people in your circles? If you don’t have any Inner Circle friends, consider taking steps to change that. Healthy community is crucial for our growth!

To learn more, check out the Journey Forward Workbook. Another option is the Journey Forward Workbook Video Series designed for those who prefer an audio/visual presentation of the information in the Workbook. It will be available very soon on my website. If you want to get on my email list and find out as soon as it’s available click the “Sign Up Now’ button.

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2 thoughts on “Tips From The Journey Forward Workbook: Community

  1. Teresa Taylor

    Wow! So true. I have isolated myself in many ways and even doing photography is a solo thing for me. It’s hard to build trust with others, but I have become proactive in initiating lunches with friends, joining a small group and allowing myself to be a little more vulnerable. It’s a process for sure. I love you and have watched your journey. I’d love to meet up for lunch sometime to catch up. Meanwhile, thank you for your posts 💜

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