Anna Update

anna-at-duke.jpgI mentioned last winter that my daughter, Anna has chronic rejection of her transplanted lungs. It’s a form of rejection that cannot be “cured” it can only be stalled. The stalling effect actually worked and kept her lung capacity at around 50% for several months. In October she was at about 48%. Unfortunately, a week before Thanksgiving, Anna saw a dramatic drop in her lung function on her home monitor which resulted in her needing to go to Duke University Hospital last week. She had dropped to around 40% lung capacity. Her transplant team determined the best option was for her to undergo another round of rATG. That’s the infused treatment she received last December when she was diagnosed with chronic rejection. She’ll be in the hospital for a few more days to receive the full five days of treatment. Hopefully this will stall the rejection again, like it did last year. For now she’s in good spirits and her dad is with her helping her pass the time. πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Anna Update

  1. Cathy

    Anna…you are truly one of the most remarkable young woman we have ever had the privilege to know. We have followed your journey since your transplant and are amazed by your strength and Godly character despite the circumstances. You encourage me to persevere through my own health issues. Brad and I have lifted you up in prayer to the Lord for many years…we will continue to pray earnestly to the Lord for your health and your treatments; for the doctors wisdom and for you to get better soon. God Bless you Anna. ❀️

  2. Anna I hope it works – Fingers crossed!!! And if you get bored at the hospital you are all set for a pillow fight!

  3. Teresa L Penbrooke

    Sending love and prayers for you all, and hopes that your body accepts this treatment well!


    You are an amazing person. Praying for you-
    Hugs and love-
    Lysa and Uncle Bob

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