The Doing and Feeling Balance

Vintage balanceI took a break from everything for a few days over the holidays. It wasn’t intentional, it just happened and it felt awesome! I had to pick up a few dropped pieces afterwards but it was still worth it. Life can get so busy sometimes it’s easy to forget to just be, not do. Sometimes life is so painful we avoid the being so we don’t have to feel; the doing serves as a painkiller of sorts. Some days we need more being and feeling. Some days we need a break from the feeling. Too much feeling can overwhelm us.

Find the balance that works for you of feeling and doing. Everyone is different. Our needs vary. I need a lot of being and feeling. I need time to just sit and ponder. In that space emotion rises to the surface. I identify it, understand it, sit with it, decide what I want to do because of it, then let it go ~ until the next time it shows up. Then I go through the same process. The more I allow myself to intentionally be with my emotions, processing them not just swirling in them haphazardly, the less control my emotions have over me.

Make time to find your balance between doing and feeling.

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8 thoughts on “The Doing and Feeling Balance

  1. Janeen

    This is wonderful, Karen. I too do this whenever I get a chance. And usually if I’m getting ‘messed up’ in my emotions, judging, worrying or ruminating…’s time. To sit with the emotion(s) until clarity comes, understanding and worthiness comes. God is always good and speaks in the silence. Thanks for the reminder today.

  2. Jerry Davis

    Thanks for the post. I recently read Ruth Haley Barton’s book: Invitation to solitude and silence and I’m working on carving out some solitude times each week. It brings so much life and increases my capacity to help and heal others. Take care of you!

    • Thank you, Jerry! It’s amazing how hard it is for us to slow down and yet, when I do, I end of being more focused. It’s so worth it in the long run!!!
      So, since your comment was almost a month ago, did you carve out time for solitude? πŸ™‚

  3. Candy Biederman

    Really nice post Karen! Very applicable in life yet hard for me to find a balance!
    Thank you for the reminder!!

  4. Julie

    Thanks Karen, I really enjoyed this post. I am definitely a doer that sweeps my emotions under the rug. I need to get in touch with me more. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing your experience.

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