Run Toward the Roar

Another person’s description of the importance of feeling our pain.

davey blackburn

Perhaps one of the most impactful books I’ve read in this season is Levi Lusko’s Through the Eyes of a Lion. I talk more about this book in this post. I’m excited to have the opportunity to spend a couple days with Levi in May and visit his church.

Levi lost his 5-year-old daughter 2 years ago to a freak asthma attack. She died in his arms as he was trying to revive her. Amanda and I heard his story 2 weeks before Amanda was killed. We were in tears on a train to a romantic getaway in Chicago as we listened to him preach a message at Elevation Church. The message was about how he and his family had learned to overcome the greatest trial in their life through the resurrection power of Jesus. I look back on that moment and know that God was preparing…

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2 thoughts on “Run Toward the Roar

  1. Cathy

    Thanks For sharing this excellent, yet very sad, article on your website Karen. I remembered hearing about this young man, Pastor Davey, loosing his wife in the home invasion while his little baby was asleep and thankfully left unharmed. Yet a news story doesn’t resonate the true heartache of his loss, and the aftermath of trying to heal from the pain. I read what he wrote and visited his church website; I saw him and his wife talking together and photos of them with their baby. Now he becomes more real to me..more familiar, his heartache becomes real, and I can put myself in his shoes and try to imagine how I would be feeling if something that tragic happened to me or one of my children. But thinking about his experience, or Levi’s, made me realize that I too, have suffered extreme pain and loss…not from a crime occurring as what happened to his wife Amanda, but in other tragic events that have occurred in my lifetime. I have tried to block out the pain so I don’t feel the immense hurt of the moment; but in time, I allow myself to feel the grasp of the hurt and memories; and allowed God to soak every crevice of my damaged heart with His grace, comfort and healing powers so I can move forward and begin to heal. I can’t do life and be authentic unless I allow myself to feel the sore parts as well as the good parts of me. I greatly appreciate your ministry through this blog Karen. God Bless you and your family. Hi to Dave…so happy for Anna.

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