Busy or…Not

I’ve been useless for the past week. I’ve never been this sick for this long ever before in my life! You might think that I have lots to write about having had the last week to think. I don’t. My thoughts centered almost entirely on how miserable I felt and how desperately I wanted to feel better. Relief seems to have arrived thanks to antibiotics and cough syrup.

I don’t have much to say…I’m thankful for the simple things like blankets, chicken soup and cough drops.  I should be really behind and yet somehow I’m not.  I think there’s something profound in that.  Maybe all the busyness isn’t actually real.  Maybe it’s something I create.

Maybe we have more control over how busy we are than we realize…

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2 thoughts on “Busy or…Not

  1. I think you are right Karen. I have been sick this whole week too! My grandmother passed away last Friday in a hospice house and that’s the day I started getting sick. I have been off work all week. I feel guilty, like I am letting my clients down and my workplace. I thought at least being off work I would get things done around the house that go by the wayside usually. But everything is the same as if I had been at work everyday. So maybe that’s the opposite of what you were saying about not being behind and yet kinda the same in that I am just as behind as I always feel. So I think you’re right. Busyness is something we create and whether we feel behind or not is a perspective we take. So like my recovery teaches me maybe I need to rest in knowing everything is the way it’s supposed to be for today. Thanks for sharing Karen. It made me feel less alone in a week of being “unproductive”. Lol.

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