Value and Worth for All

Sometimes we experience moments when we wonder if we matter. I was thinking about that as I gazed at a banana tree. I noticed freshly unfurled leaves, unscathed by the tropical rain and wind. As I looked closely I noticed a progression of sorts. Emerging leaves, full leaves, slightly frayed leaves and leaves that resemble palm tree fronds – tattered and torn giving in completely to the swaying breeze. Every leaf is important in the cycle of this tree. Then I thought about us. We are all valuable to humanity. It doesn’t matter if we are shiny and new or old and withered. Every single person has a purpose, value and worth!


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3 thoughts on “Value and Worth for All

  1. Thank you for the wonderful analogy.

  2. kkennard

    Beautifully expressed. Thank you.

  3. Glad you both enjoyed it! I was on vacation…I don’t see banana treees in Colorado! I was captivated by the variation in the leaves…just staring at it and taking it in and seeing there was something for me to learn from it. 🙂

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